• To promote and safeguard the interest of the School Librarian and other employees of the educational institution related with the School Library and to work unitedly for the cause of Librarian and staff of the Library with other organizations in the state level or National Level or International Level.
  • To carry out the LIS Oriented experiments and research.
  • To fight for the cause of professional improvement of the workers in the field of LIS in general and Secondary Education in particular.
  • To cultivate the spirit of Information & Knowledge.
  • To secure legitimate place in various sphere of National life for the workers in the field of LIS.
  • To secure adequate representation of Secondary School Librarians in controlling the educational policies in the state and in the Union by forming a greater platform.
  • To foster the spirit of intellectual co- operation amongst the workers in the field of LIS.
  • To frame an Advisory Council consisting of not more than twenty members of different Institutions attached to the field of Library & Information Science as desired by the Executive Council of A.B.S.L.A to promote & guide the Association .
  • To advance the cause of Information and Knowledge based Education in secondary Education or in-general.
  • To fight effectively against any attack on the Library Professionals related with conventional Education and to fight against all sorts of exploitation.
  • To promote all sorts of activities for the welfare of Professionals in the field of LIS, Pupils, and People in general.