About Us
     ALL BENGAL SCHOOL LIBRARIANS' ASSOCIATION (founded in 1990) is a Professional Association of about 1200 School Librarians in West Bengal. Since its inception in1990, ABSLA struggles with 3S i.e. SERVICE-STATUS-SCALE. It has been active in taking up several issues of School Education in West Bengal as well as in India especially, relating to the development of school library services, infrastructure, professional training, teaching status, qualification based pay packets etc. It actively works for the promotion of the professional interests of school librarians. As part of its activities, it conducts National seminars, Workshops, Training programs, etc. The 1st effort of organizing a National Seminar on "Education for all in the Knowledge Society: Role of School Libraries", ABSLA wanted to asses the society's pulse in respect of Role of school libraries in the era of information exploration ABSLA has two aspects in its activities, namely, Academic & Organization. Academic:-1) Member of International Association of School Librarianship, Australia, 2) Creation of Website- www.absla.org, 3) Organizing Seminar, Workshop, Refresher Course etc., 4) Formation of Advisory Council consists of Academics to obtain valued opinion. Organization:-1) To stop Professional apartheid, 2) To organize movement, 3) To take steps in resolving anomalies, 4) To take part in the Decision Making Tiers, 5) To encourage peers to be the Member, 6) To keep contact with other peer Associations of the country & abroad. Yet the Decision- Makers are reluctant to frame any comprehensive School- Library- Policy in the Today's Knowledge Society when Right to Education is accepted by them, when denying compulsory education at the elementary level is punishable offence. ABSLA invites valued commands from different parts of the country & walks of life i.e. Educators, Professors, Teachers, Library Professionals, Research Scholars, Students, Politicians, Social Workers, NGOs & ordinary people .The wish has been reflected in its esteemed Proceedings. It will enable the Decision-Maker to go ahead with the wishes of the masses for its expeditious implementation & thereby honour the Democracy. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) & few states (West Bengal is not included) are showing their efforts positive. ABSLA is keeping constant touch with other peer Associations of the country & abroad to update & decide the next course of action. The ABSLA is committed to reduce the frustrations of school librarians by eliminating all the odds prevailing in the system. The first effort of ABSLA, the first arrangement in West Bengal, the Seminar is capable of gathering the society's view apart from eminent educationists'. Tomorrows will be shining with the resolution of today's knowledge society then our waits will be over.